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3/11 Morning Meeting

Morning Meeting - Friday March 11th Meeting

Technology Leaders Association (TLA) was established in 2002 to help senior level IT executives develop and manage their careers. As part of this effort, we hold monthly meetings to network, share ideas, and learn from featured guest speakers in the strategy, information technology, and career management fields.

Our speaker for March is Bill Durkin of One Positive Place who will present, "Win the Day". Discover the way to win at work without losing at home.

We all know the business world is changing radically. Leaders know they can't do it themselves. The current business problems and opportunities require all team members to enthusiastically come together and create a work environment that uplifts everyone who is touched by its existence. Clients, employees and leaders want to work with positive people who are a consistent source of help and inspiration. Today's successful leaders are learning new ways to inspire others to give their best in order to make progress toward this vision. Fortunately, all organizations have positive people who want to get excited about coming to work and serving clients in a remarkable way. What these people need more than anything else is a positive leader who knows how to build winning relationships while providing the challenge, support and encouragement they need to excel.

Win The Day is a dynamic speech and leadership training program designed to achieve this objective.

Date: Friday, March 11th
Where: Ensono (formerly Acxiom), located at 3333 Finley Road in Downers Grove (8 story building)
Cost: No charge

SPECIAL NOTE: Ensono has closed their cafe - This is therefore a "BRING YOUR OWN COFFEE" Event!!!!

Special thanks to Ensono employee Deb Holt for hosting us this month.

For security reasons, all TLA members must be escorted throughout the Ensono facility. Please do not leave the conference room without an escort.

For reservations, (1) Please sign up online on the TLA website ( under 'Events' - or, if you don't have access to the website, (2) Please reply to with your name and telephone number.

For location information: Contact Jim Anfield at

Reservations must be made before noon on Thursday, March 9th with the first 80 reservations accepted. No walk-ins please.

If you have reserved and are unable to attend, as a courtesy to our host Ensono, please send a note to Pat Moroney at

Ensono is located near the intersection of I-355 and I-88 in Downers Grove. Get off the Butterfield Road exit of I-355 and go east to Finley Road. Go south on Finley Road for about a half-mile and Ensono is located on the east side of Finley. Go to the main entrance of the eight-story building for check-in. Do not go to the other four-story Ensono building. Parking is available just west of the eight-story building in the parking lot.

7:00am - 7:15am Check-in and coffee
7:15am - 8:30am Structured networking - 2 table rounds
8:30am - 8:40am Announcements
8:40am - 9:30am Bill Durkin
9:30am Adjourn

Structured Networking
Structured networking is a technique used at most major executive transition groups. It is meant to be a powerful method of generating ideas that might help each of our searches. During this process, we will quickly brainstorm potential job lead ideas, gain networking contacts at desired companies, and generate advice from the members by sharing our backgrounds as well as our career objectives. It is designed to generate ideas, but given the time constraints, not get into immediate detailed discussions. You should plan on following up with anybody who may have had an interesting idea or a good contact.

Please bring business cards, handbills (career overview) or resumes (plain paper is fine) to pass around if you have them. Figure on about 20 copies of the resumes/handbills and 50 business cards.

We will run our networking, dividing the room into small tables of a maximum of 8 people and doing 2 table rotations before our speaker begins. At each rotation, you will have 90 seconds for your pitch and about 90 seconds for Q&A. Spend no more than 1/3 summarizing your past (this is not the time to rehash your resume), then spend about 1/3 on what you are looking for and 1/3 on what we can do to help (such as target contacts) or ask for advice on an issue.

Speaker Bio
Bill Durkin, Founder of One Positive Place, is an inspirational speaker, teacher, coach and mentor. For over 30 years, Bill has been helping leaders and teams discover the positive way to win at work without losing at home. His unique and positive approach has produced results for over 40,000 leaders throughout the United States, Canada, England, South America, Spain and Africa.

Bill began his speaking career working closely with W. Clement Stone. W. Clement Stone and Napoleon Hill wrote "Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude." Bill worked for Mr. Stone's non-profit organization and was responsible for teaching Positive Mental Attitude Programs to corporations and correctional facilities around the country.
In addition to Mr. Stone, the positive principles and philosophies he teaches have been influenced by the work of Warren Bennis, Marcus Buckingham, Kim Cameron, Mihily Checsentmehy, Alvin Cohn, David Cooperrider, Stephen Covey, Barbara Fredrickson, Robert Greenleaf, Bill Hybels, Rushworth Kidder, Marty Seligman and John Wooden.
Bill Durkin's work is built on the new science of positivity, human strength and resilience.

Bill attended Loyola University on a basketball scholarship and graduated from their School of Business with a marketing degree. He lives with his wife and two boys in Darien, Illinois.

Date of Event: 
03/11/2016 - 7:00am - 9:30am