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10/27 TLA Morning Mtg

TLA Friday, October 27th Morning Meeting
Technology Leaders Association (TLA) was established in 2002 to help senior level IT executives develop and manage their careers.  As part of this effort, we hold monthly meetings to network, share ideas, and learn from featured guest speakers in the strategy, information technology, and career management fields. 
Our speaker for October is Steve Pieczko with his presentation, “Solving ‘Intractable’ Problems with Consultative Servitude”.

Henry Ford once said “If I asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses”.

Henry Ford was a man with a vision that not only introduced mass production of the automobile; he also introduced several other productivity innovations that are still in practice today. Henry Ford had vision, insight and intuition that drove the automotive industry forward and clearly made an impact by using these traits.

There are many situations in our job as a consultant or employee where we believe that personal intuition and experience is what the situation needs; however, this is not always the case and what separates individuals form being good to being great, is a personality trait that I call, “Consultative Servitude”.

In this presentation Steve Pieczko will explain the term Consultative Servitude and share several inspiring and emotional stories where intuition and experience got in the way of solving a specific problem and how stepping back to analyze the servitude of the individuals involved, helped solve the problem at hand.

Key Learning Points from this session will include:
• What is Consultative Servitude
• How to recognize when you need it
• How to develop personal awareness of Consultative Servitude

Date:  Friday, October 27th
Where:  Central States Funds, 9377 W. Higgins Road, Rosemont
Cost:  No charge
For reservations, (1) Please sign up online on the TLA website ( under 'Events' - or, if you don't have access to the website, (2) Please reply to with your name and telephone number.
For location information:  Contact Jim Anfield at
Reservations must be made before noon on Thursday, October 26th with the first 80 reservations accepted.  No walk-ins please.
If you have reserved and are unable to attend, as a courtesy to our host, please send a note to Pat Moroney at
Central States Funds is located at 9377 W. Higgins Rd. in Rosemont at the southeast corner of River Rd. and Higgins.  Enter off of the Higgins side of the corner then turn left/east to 9377.  There is free visitor parking in front of the building but TLA visitors are encouraged to use the parking lot north of the 9377 building.  Enter the parking garage and press the security gate button to speak to the security guard.  Let the security guard know that you are attending the TLA meeting.  They will raise the security gate to allow you access to the garage.  You can park in any spot from the 2nd floor to the top of the garage that is not reserved.  The TLA meeting will be held on the first floor in the B/C Training/Conference Room.  You do not need a security badge for access to this room.  There is also a full-service cafeteria near the room for anyone who wants to purchase food or beverages.

7:00am - 7:15am                    Check-in and coffee
7:15am - 8:30am                    Structured networking - 2 table rounds
8:30am - 8:40am                    Announcements
8:40am - 9:30am                    Steve Pieczko
9:30am                                   Adjourn
Structured Networking
Structured networking is a technique used at most major executive transition groups.  It is meant to be a powerful method of generating ideas that might help each of our searches.  During this process, we will quickly brainstorm potential job lead ideas, gain networking contacts at desired companies, and generate advice from the members by sharing our backgrounds as well as our career objectives.  It is designed to generate ideas, but given the time constraints, not get into immediate detailed discussions.  You should plan on following up with anybody who may have had an interesting idea or a good contact.

Please bring business cards, handbills (career overview) or resumes (plain paper is fine) to pass around if you have them.  Figure on about 20 copies of the resumes/handbills and 50 business cards.
We will run our networking, dividing the room into small tables of a maximum of 8 people and doing 2 table rotations before our speaker begins.  At each rotation, you will have 90 seconds for your pitch and about 90 seconds for Q&A.  Spend no more than 1/3 summarizing your past (this is not the time to rehash your resume), then spend about 1/3 on what you are looking for and 1/3 on what we can do to help (such as target contacts) or ask for advice on an issue. 

Speaker Bio
Steve Pieczko is a management consultant, software developer, published author and speaker on management consulting topics. Steve has previously spoken on Project Management topics for PMI Knowledge Sharing events and the PMI Professional Development Day. Steve has consulted at several Chicago-land companies in Healthcare, Finance, Banking, Telecommunications, Transportation and Supply Chain.

Steve’s published articles include:
• The 3 Minute Mile, why is my project team killing itself?
• Waterfall? Agile? How About WetAgile?
• Who Lowered this Bar and Why Can’t I Raise It?
• How to throw a R.O.P.E. to a struggling project
• Can Artificial Intelligence reduce Project Failures?
• Why You Need a SWAT Team for Failing Projects
• Dad, You can’t Manage a Basketball Team, You’re a Computer Guy

Links to these articles can be found on and

Date of Event: 
10/27/2017 - 7:00am - 9:30am