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6/21 - TLA Manager Meeting

TLA Manager's Meeting is Jun21

Glenn Kapetansky
Mon, Jun 3, 9:14 AM (21 hours ago)


The next TLA Managers Forum is June 21, at our downtown venue thanks once again to Sean Katz at Vitality. I’ll bring a condolence card for Len Green’s family for all attendees to sign.

Our discussion is going to be one of the two following meaty topics:

DarkWeb – what’s the latest? Economically better to just ignore? Common sense steps for prevention
How to keep your career continuously progressing? tools and techniques for staying current and valuable

Come and participate. And RSVP!


+ Friday, June 21

+ 7:30 - 9:00am (plus optional schmoozing until 9:30am)

+ Venue: Vitality (200 W. Monroe, Suite 1900)

The agenda is:

[7:30am] Open Networking

[7:45] Intros, Industry rumors, Candidates/Openings


[9:00] (optional) Open discussions

[9:30am] End

Let me know,

Glenn Kapetansky? | Senior Principal & CSO | +1 312.925.3381

Date of Event: 
06/21/2019 - 7:30am - 9:30am