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11/22 Managers Forum


The next TLA Managers Forum is November 21, at our downtown venue thanks once again to Sean Katz at Vitality Group. You remember that last moth we experimented by joining Rachel Kaberon’s Booth Alumni group to discuss WeWork.

This month we are returning the favor, extending an invitation for that group to join us. Kimi will be stirring the discussion about “Do Passive Products mean Low Growth?”. In other words: even though leveraging social media can improve 1-to-many communications, and consultants and facilitators use social media to augment the delivery of their messages (whether in place of or in addition to live speeches and workshops), is this supporting active transformation for their constituents? Just as importantly for this discussion, what can make it a sustainable business model?

Come and participate. And RSVP!


+ Friday, November 22
+ 7:30 - 9:00am (plus optional schmoozing until 9:30am)
+ Venue: Vitality Group (200 W. Monroe, Suite 1900)

The agenda is:

[7:30am] Open Networking
[7:45] Intros, Industry rumors, Candidates/Openings
[7:50] DISCUSSION: Do Passive Products mean Low Growth? (stirred by Kimi)
[9:00] (optional) Open discussions
[9:30am] End

Let me know,

Glenn Kapetansky? | Senior Principal & CSO
| | +1 312.925.3381

Date of Event: 
11/21/2019 - 7:30am - 9:30am