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To access our database of 3000+ Senior Level executives click here to Log-In or Sign-Up! TLA (Tech Leaders Association) membership is exclusively created to provide networking and career opportunities to seasoned industry professionals.

Membership is limited to senior IT execs (large Project Managers, Director to CIO large cap through small cap companies)or equivalent experience. Members are ideally positioned to be helped by other members and to provide help to other members. As of April, 2009 there are currently 2,100 members in the secured web site database. Additionally there are currently 4,500 members on the Technology Leaders Association Group on LinkedIn. There are international members, but most are U.S. domestic with about 70% Chicago based, and generally about 40% are in transition at any one time.

Membership in the LinkedIn Group is also a little broader. Due to the increasing breadth and depth of membership more employed members are finding value in the community of relationships as a boost to their ongoing professional networking needs and also see a more vibrant professional network as a means of eliminating or minimizing the potential for unforeseen employment disruptions, shortening the length of any disruptions or simply because they have come to enjoy more collegial relationships and see these relationships improving their ability to get their jobs done.

Members in transition need the networking and benefit specifically by sharing access to senior level IT job leads. The TLA slogan - You are always in transition; sometimes you are even getting a paycheck, - is a fact of life in the IT profession. TLA is committed to being a forum to support the professional IT community. There have never been fees for membership and we are committed to never having fees. TLA exists to help members and will never have a financial interest in providing help to members.