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*****Please note, this is not a job posting, it is for a free networking group to help you in your job search.*****

These are uncertain times and perhaps you’ve become caught up in the uncertainty. Here at Gateway, we’re feeling the same uncertainty.

I will be starting a networking/career counselling group that will not only offer job hunting advice, but also help you keep sane by staying engaged in the job search.

If you’re interested in more information, please drop me a note and I’ll give you a broad overview of the format.

By way of an introduction I’ll send you a handbook on how you can improve your online appearance and resume. If you are interested, I can also run a behavioral report about you, that will help detail your personality, how you prefer to manage, and how you prefer to be managed. You can add this report to your job applications, and I’ll show you how to use that behavioral report to your advantage.

As we get further along we’ll upload some case studies that are recordings of virtual meetings to show you how you can apply your behavioral report to give any potential employers far greater insights in to not only your skills and experiences but what make s you tick. I look forward to connecting with you.